Virtual Urgent Care

What Is Virtual Urgent Care?

Virtual urgent care is a great option when you need medical attention but don’t have time to wait for an in-person appointment with your primary care doctor. It’s a safe and convenient way to treat symptoms like colds, sinus infections, pink eye, and minor injuries.

Virtual Urgent Care

Virtual care is a convenient way to connect with your healthcare provider and have your questions or concerns addressed, even when your doctor’s office is closed. A telehealth visit can help you get the answers you need to feel better faster, from reassurance that your minor injury is healing properly to medical advice on how to manage chronic issues. Contact JetMED Phoenix -Virtual Urgent Care Phoenix for professional help.

With our 24/7 Virtual Urgent Care, you can meet with a board-certified health care provider over video from the comfort of your home or work. Our urgent care providers are ready to help with common ailments and injuries, such as ear infections, sore throats, allergies, fevers, minor injuries and more.

Your online urgent care visit will be conducted via a webcam and speaker/microphone on your computer, tablet or smartphone. You will be asked to provide a short history and answer questions from the provider. The provider may order lab or x-rays, and send a prescription to your preferred pharmacy. The provider will also give you any follow-up instructions.

NYU Langone Health virtual urgent care gives patients in New York and elsewhere the chance to see a board-certified emergency medicine physician over a phone or video conference app. The service is free for current NYU Langone Health patients, and it allows adults and children to address a number of conditions, from a suspected case of pink eye to a sore throat. In many cases, the doctor can offer relief or advice, and in others, he or she will advise a patient to come in to an urgent care clinic or the emergency department for further evaluation.

The urgent care virtual visit is available through MyChart and the MyChart mobile app. To schedule a visit, log in to MyChart and click Menu, then select 24/7 Video Visit. Children ages 5 and older can schedule virtual urgent care visits by themselves, but adults will need to have proxy access to the child’s MyChart account to schedule a visit on their behalf.

The cost of a telehealth urgent care visit is covered by most insurance plans, including Medicare. To find out the exact cost of your visit, please contact your insurance company.

What are the symptoms of a virtual urgent care visit?

Virtual urgent care can be used to treat a variety of symptoms and conditions. These include but are not limited to pink eye, a sore throat, fever, vomiting and diarrhea. It can also be useful for assessing injuries like bruises, cuts and scrapes.

During the visit, patients will meet with a provider via video call to discuss their symptoms. The doctor will evaluate the problem, order any necessary tests or X-rays and prescribe medications as needed. Patients will then be able to print or send the prescription electronically to their pharmacy of choice. This eliminates the hassle of getting a written prescription, driving to a store and waiting in line.

The telehealth service is accessible on any Wi-Fi or internet-enabled device that has audio and video capability. It does not require any special software or apps to be downloaded. The service is also secure and HIPAA-compliant, meaning the doctor will not see any personal information other than what they are discussing during the visit.

This type of telemedicine visit is a great alternative for when your primary care doctor’s office is closed or you are unable to schedule an in-person appointment with them quickly enough. It should not be used for life-threatening or emergency symptoms, though. If you are experiencing chest pain, trouble breathing or significant bleeding, please seek immediate medical attention at a hospital or emergency room.

With the growing popularity of telehealth services, it is easier than ever to get care when you need it. In addition to convenience, a virtual urgent care visit is often less expensive than a trip to the emergency room or even an in-office office visit. Many health insurance providers have now added telemedicine benefits to their plans and are required by state law to cover them. If you don’t have health insurance, you can also purchase a telehealth visit package through a healthcare marketplace like HealthSpare or eVisit. The cost of these visits varies depending on the provider and whether or not your medical issue is eligible to be treated by a telemedicine doctor.

Can I see a doctor for a virtual urgent care visit?

A virtual urgent care visit is an easy way to consult with your provider when you don’t need to go to the emergency room. The doctor will be able to assess your symptoms and determine whether or not the situation calls for in-person treatment. A telehealth visit can also help you avoid long wait times at an in-person urgent care center.

At University Hospitals, patients can schedule an online visit through the eCare app or their healthcare provider’s website. Once the patient is scheduled, a doctor will join the online session through a video conference call. The doctor will be able to check a patient’s vital signs, order tests or X-rays and send a prescription to their preferred pharmacy. The virtual urgent care visit will also be accessible to the patient’s primary care physician, so the doctor can stay updated on any new or developing medical issues.

The patient’s insurance will also be able to determine whether or not the telehealth visit is covered. Almost all insurance companies now offer telemedicine coverage. For instance, Colorado recently passed a law that requires private insurers to cover telehealth visits just as they would in-person office visits. Patients can use Symptom Checker to find out more about their insurance options and to see if they’re eligible for a virtual care visit.

A telehealth urgent care visit is not suitable for any life-threatening symptoms such as chest pain or severe abdominal pain. It’s also not the best option for certain conditions, such as ear infections or strep throat, which require in-person physical examinations and assessment of vital signs by the doctor.

However, a telehealth urgent care visit can be beneficial for other non-life-threatening conditions such as a sore throat, fever, rash or stomachache. The online service can save you the hassle of having to make a trip to an emergency room or your regular doctor’s office, particularly when your illness strikes over the weekend or holiday. Just be sure to have a good internet connection, a video-enabled computer or smartphone and read the instructions before scheduling your appointment.

How do I schedule a virtual urgent care visit?

Virtual urgent care visits allow you to talk with an AHN provider from the comfort of your home about your symptoms and concerns. You can get quality care in minutes. Virtual urgent care is not a replacement for your primary care physician (PCP).

You can schedule an on-demand video visit from the MyChart app. Log in to your MyChart account and click Menu, then 24/7 Video Visit. You can also access the service through the web at

Your provider will review your information and symptoms to determine if a video visit is appropriate for you. If needed, your provider may refer you to a specialist for additional evaluation and treatment. Once your visit is completed, an after-visit summary will be sent to MyChart and an alert to your doctor. If you need a prescription, your provider will call in the medication to your pharmacy. You can expect the entire process to take less than 15 minutes.

If you are a current patient of NYU Langone Health, you can use your MyChart account to schedule a telehealth appointment or virtual urgent care visit. You will need a Wi-Fi and video-enabled device, such as a smartphone or tablet. You will then be asked to enter a virtual waiting room, where a staff member will complete the check-in process and connect you with a provider.

The doctors at NYU Langone Health are trained in telemedicine and have extensive experience treating many conditions through this means. They are experts at determining if symptoms require immediate in-person evaluation, and they can transfer patients to an emergency department as necessary.

Pediatric virtual urgent care is available for children who need an urgent care visit for non-life-threatening conditions, including a cough, fever, sore throat, stomachache or rash. To schedule a pediatric virtual urgent care visit, you will need proxy access to the child’s MyChart account and an up-to-date email address.

The providers who conduct the virtual urgent care visits are nurse practitioners, physician assistants and physicians. They can diagnose and treat most illnesses, such as a cold, sore throat, cough, rash or fever. They can also prescribe common medications, such as cough syrup or antibiotics. However, they cannot prescribe controlled substances or narcotics, and they will not refill routine medications such as blood pressure or cholesterol medicine.